Opanda DigitalFilm

Opanda DigitalFilm 1.69

DigitalFilm emulates professional level photography reversal film
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With the DigitalFilm program you can imitate real-life photography reversal film, and the tools included let the user do many things with the digital images. The software emulates professional level photography reversal film and you can print and work with all of your digital pictures. You will have the same effects as you would with reversal films like Fujifilm Velvia (RVP) or Kodak T-Max100.

The resulting image is very clear. The colors are strong and vibrant and there are many rich layers. Details are not lost when using this program and you can also do other things, such as reduce noise points or color spots from the digital images.

The DigitalFilm software has eight tools that make this program comprehensive for all those that have digital images. You can make an index sample, add watermarks, add a signature, adjust images, create histograms, add frames and print out the image parameters. The software includes an Exif Editor program and you can then add, modify or delete data. The TIFF and JPEG formats are supported. RAW file formats are also supported from many digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Minolta, etc.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Can emulate photography reversal film, many features


  • Only for Windows OS
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